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- Flora Sage

About the Book

Join Flora Sage as she unveils the secret to her life-changing coaching method in this practical and inspiring guide that will help you get from where you are to where you ultimately desire to be. 

The 1° Shift Method will teach you how to embrace change, harness happiness, and become excited about life again! Changing too many things all at once sets you up to spin circles and go nowhere fast. 

Lasting change is incremental and finds it’s way in tiny little moments. Lasting change is informed, it’s intentional, and it occurs 1° at a time.There’s great simplicity to a single degree. If you want to achieve change that lasts, you must embrace the 1° Shift.

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About the Author

For more than 2 decades Flora has been helping women create massive breakthroughs and lasting change in their lives and business through The 1º Shift Method. 

Seven-time Author, Spiritual Business Mentor, Simplification Coach, Master Certified Financial Coach, and Creator of The 1º Shift Method. Flora uses her passion and expertise to help women find clarity, courage and confidence 1º at a time. She is the Founder of the The 1º Shift Tribe and The Mastermind Mafia. 

Flora’s books and articles on spiritual, personal and business development have been featured in The New York Times, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Times, CBS, CNBC, The Washington Post, Fox News and more. 

Flora Sage

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