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Morning coffee + 10 day Declutter challenge

This week’s video expands on what we looked at last week about coming home from vacation and recognizing what we like and dis-like about the life we are currently living. Hope this serves you this week. ~Flora https://youtu.be/19M7vy5534s 1° Shift – Basic1° Shift – VIP

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What vacations teach you about your life

Think about the last time you went on Vacation….and came back home. What did you dread and what were you excited to come home to? In this weeks video we explore what Vacations can teach us about our Life!  Hope you Enjoy!  ~Flora  https://youtu.be/K0JHwsrbO2Q Join the 1° Shift tribe

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What’s Happening This Month

What’s happening this month inside my communities? Check out this video for a quick recap and a little coaching to boot.  Hope to see you inside!  ~Flora  https://youtu.be/YU98CGkaQAc Join the 1° Shift tribe 1° Shift Book   

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Morning Coffee – A Deep Conversation about You. (Yes I’ve been spying on you) 

We need to have a deep discussion about you… Yes, I’ve been spying on you… You have been waiting for the “Perfect time” to do that ONE thing you KNOW will make you happy about your life.. That ONE thing that, right now is just out of your reach. In todays, video we talk about …

Morning Coffee – A Deep Conversation about You. (Yes I’ve been spying on you)  Read More »

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The Easiest Way to Get Unstuck

I brought the FIRE to this weeks video!! If you have been feeling S T U C K… I give you an Epic way to Finally get unstuck and start living your life!! You DO NOT want to miss this video! Enjoy! Flora https://youtu.be/jYsnZxChpaE Join the 1° Shift Tribe