Ego vs Intuition

“What’s the difference between Ego and Intuition?”

This the most common question I get asked when folks find out I teach Intuition classes and offer Professional psychic training. AdobeStock 51763570 300x274 1

It’s actually very easy to tell the difference between ego and intuition.

When you want to know your next move, what do you do?

Usually we look at all the possibilities.

“I could do X or I could do Y”.

You start to get a few different answers running around in your head that makes you wonder what the RIGHT choice is for you.

We are all blessed with a “Sixth Sense” or Intuition.

This is our internal GPS that helps guide us in all we do.

But figuring out what is true intuition vs mind chatter (ego) is a road block that stops most people from making the right choices.  

Ask yourself any question and you’re bound to get two answers.

In the case of this article, lets use “Yes” and “No” as the answer to help illustrate the difference.

Question: “Should I do this?”

Answer 1: “Yes” 

Answer 2: “No” 


So which one is the RIGHT answer? 

True intuition will give you just one answer! No further explanation is needed because the answer is true for you. 

Ego will give you the answer and then a long list of reasons why you should do it.  The long list of reasons is meant to convince you to follow the ego answer. 

Most intuition teachers teach that Ego speaks first and Intuition (or Spirit) speaks second. 

However, in my experience (and what I teach my students) is that Intuition Speaks First and Ego Speaks Second.

Let’s look at this again so I can explain why I teach that Spirit (Intuition) speaks first: 

You ask the question. 

You get the first answer that is from Spirit.  Spirit’s answer is matter of fact, calm and is a very simple statement, word or knowing. 

Then you get a second answer from Ego saying “Oh you can’t do that… here, do this instead! And this is why you should do this…” (enter a very long list of reasons why) Ego’s answer is very pushy, loud and very very wordy. 

The second answer is trying to cancel out the first answer by being loud, pushy, obnoxious and will fill your head with doubt.

Since 2010 I’ve taught thousands of people how to use their intuition.  

The large majority say once they learn this, and test it out for themselves, they know exactly what answer is the right answer for them.

To help you practice this technique of figuring out which answers come first for you, I’ve created a tool for you to use.

A Test.

Here’s How to Test Out Your Answers: 

  • Ask yourself question you know the answer to
  • Notice the first answer you get
    • Notice the energy that comes with that first answer – is is calm or pushy?
  • Then notice the second answer you get
    • Does the answer come with a long list of reasons “Why” or “Why Not”?

This will help you figure out who is speaking first for you: Intuition or Ego!

Once you figure out which answer you should be listening to, there is no going back!!!

This week I want you to try this test out for yourself. 

You’ll quickly realize who speaks first or second for you, helping you discover the true voice of your intuition. 

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