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Your 12 week Journey to Deep Happiness!

The Fearlessly Inspired virtual course is based on a small portion of Flora Sage’s Spiritual Empowerment Coaching platform.  This course will take you through Simple, Easy and Effective actions every week that create lasting results. Each week you’ll be consciously creating simple shifts in your daily life that will transform fear into Fearless Inspiration! Yay!

Each week is centered on a different area of your life, or Spiritual Foundation, (Life = Spiritual Practice) resulting in quick and easy steps for you to take to make simple tweaks here and there that make a World of difference.

Each week’s material is sent to you in a convenient mp3 format for you to listen to on the go or at home, as well as a guided mediation specifically created for each week. This course it totally virtual and self-paced so you can listen whenever it’s convenient for you!

Here’s how it breaks down!

Module 1 ~ Getting Started

Week 1

Looking objectively at WHY you do what you do is the first step.  In doing so, you will see, very fast, what can begin shifting in your life. This week’s meditation is centered in questions.

Week 2

Getting clear about what you want is the focus this week.  Flora will take you through simple and practical steps of finding out, once and for all, what you really want in life. This week’s meditation is centered around the things that stir you.

Week 3

Get moving with your easy to follow Action Plan.  Creating a simple plan that takes into account your busy life is quick and painless with Flora’s no nonsense formula.  This week’s meditation is centered around visualization.

Week 4

It’s gettin’ real this week.  Personal responsibility and realizing the power of choice are the topics of discussion. But have no fear, Flora gives you fun ways to look at this seemingly heavy topic. This week’s meditation is centered around becoming decisive.

Week 5

Simplify your life, simplify your practice! It’s as simple as that! This week Flora walks you through an easy way to begin simplifying your daily load, which will create more time and energy for you to do those things you really want to be doing.  This week’s meditation is centered around letting go.

Week 6

Explore the fresh perspective of being “in the moment” as well as the looking at contrasts and boundaries in life, with intricate yet simple concepts presented in a new way.  This week’s mediation is centered around noticing.

Module 2 ~ Goin’ Deep!

Week 7

Taking a look under the the virtual rug of your life and exploring the F Bomb is the area we look at this week. [Forgiveness that is] Watch the world open up with this simple concept and strategies Flora provides for you.  This week’s meditation is centered around seeing the light in others.

Week 8

It’s time to get honest about how fear has held you back in life.  This week Flora takes you through her highly demanded live workshop ~ Freedom from Fear ~ so you can feel the power of finally being Free from your Fears!  [They may not be what you think they are.]

Week 9

Judgement and comparison can weight you down and how far you can go in life.  Exploring how to release these can create a massive shift in energy creating a lightness and huge sense of purpose!  Get ready to feel the shift!

Week 10

Feel the power as you learn fast and easy techniques to begin to speak, stand and stay in your truth.  This is a sure fire way to become Fearlessly Inspired.  This week’s meditation is centered around finding the true power of your voice.

Week 11

Owning your energy and your power is an exhilarating and transformative experience.  Are you ready to learn quick and easy techniques to keep your energy field clear?  This power packed week is full of useable techniques for you to integrate into your daily practice.  This week’s meditation is centered around seeing and harnessing universal energy.

Week 12

Experience the freedom that comes with letting go of your old story and entering into your future with a fresh new perspective on your past.  This week learn to rewrite your story through Flora’s enthusiastic story telling process.  You will be amazing at how quickly you can shift your perspective. This week’s meditation is centered around stepping outside your view and truly “seeing”.

Week 13 ~ Bonus Week

Flora shares her personal story about The Five Agreements and how they changed her life as well as the next step for you in your new found freedom in living a Fearlessly Inspired Life…

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