Heavy Metal Poisoning from Tattoo Removal & Detox Suppliments

Many of you have asked me to recount my story about my Heavy Metal Poisoning that occurred as a result from getting my tattoo removed via a laser. 

So hear goes…

February 1994 –

Okinawa Japan – United States Marine Corps Duty Station – Camp Foster, 12th Marine Regiment – I got my tattoo!  A huge Mermaid on my left calf!  

October 2011 –

After much deliberation and years of: 

  • Not liking my tattoo
  • Going to get “free consultations” for laser tattoo removal
  • Wearing pants every where I went – even during the hot Oklahoma summers
  • Stressing about how much the laser treatments would hurt

I finally gave in and started the process and got several laser removal treatments 6 weeks apart. 

January 27th, 2012

Feeling slightly “Off” I asked my “Peeps”~ aka. Spirit Guides about what was going on, the insights they gave me resulted in the following vlog:

Energy Shifts and Tattoo Removal Vlog – Click HERE to Watch!

Facebook post: May 9th, 2012

This morning I was at my Computer working and I glanced over at the window….There was a Goldfinch on the screen just chirping away!!! I looked the bird up in my Animal book & it said that bird is associated with Arch Angel Auriel [Uriel] Yay!! Just the message I needed today!

Later that morning

I looked up Arch Angel Uriels attributes, he is the Arch Angel of solving problems.]  So I sat my but down on my meditation pillow and asked for a message.  I got: “Tattoo removal and Heavy Metal Poisoning” So I Googled this… and realized I had SO many of the symptoms!  This was all making sense now!

Another post from that day:

Dealing with Heavy Metal Poisoning since my latest tattoo removal… Oy… Doing a heavy metal cleanse on my own until my order comes in… Cilantro by the bunch (one bunch per serving), mega doses of Vitamin C, Calcium and B vitamins… FYI…if you get your tattoo removed get a detox kit to take that morning before you go in… or make sure the place doing it does Chelation IV therapy directly after.

[Chelation Therapy – Agents that bind to and pull out heavy metals from the brain, organs and other tissues in the body.  Chelating agents are found in foods as well as synthetic compounds.  Click Here for More Information.

The tattoo I am getting removed is my mermaid…(my only tattoo) I started last October, this past Monday was my seventh treatment. For the past three treatments, she has gone over the tattoo with the laser three times at different depths…. HOLY HELL it hurts!!! And… the past three times I have feel SO LOOPY afterwards for days….

This time it was SO much worse then the others, I felt tired, foggy headed, word recall has been challenging at times, constipation, my right arm is weak, its crazy…. I think there is a Dr. in Tulsa that does IV Chelation… I am hoping they will take me… if not, I will continue with the Oral Chelation for about six months after my last treatment… (I have several treatments left.)

When they do the removal, I can taste metal in the back of my throat… I mentioned this to her (the lady doing the laser treatment) and she said “Yeah, that’s normal…” but didn’t say anything about what types of metals etc….

Upon more research on my part I find out that Mercury, Arsenic, and Lead are the top three metals in tattoo ink… the FDA doesn’t regulate them… plus I got it in Okinawa!

Blog post from May 18th 2012

As mentioned several weeks ago on Facebook, I have discovered I have heavy metal poisoning that is a direct result of the laser tattoo removal process that I have been going through since October of last year. [See video]  I just realized all the random things that have been getting increasingly worse in my body over the past few months, are actually the heavy metals in my system causing a ruckus.  So once I put two and two together, I started with an Oral Chelation Detox program.  

This Heavy Metal Detoxing has been interesting… [WARNING….TMI Alert!!!]

I had a Dr. appointment on Wednesday to discuss IV chelation therapy, which is a much faster form of detoxing then the oral form of treatment.  I am a science geek at heart, so needless to say I have done lots of research about the most effective supplements to take for oral chelation.  While discussing the IV chelation with the doctor, I also talked to him about the supplements I have started to take.  

With lots of my own research and with his nod of approval taken into account I have come up with a solid Oral Chelation regiment (Supplements) for the next few months: (links to the actual products I used with GREAT success!) 

Supplements I took to detox from the Heavy Metals:

Needless to say… I take a lot of supplements!!!

I have never been on Digestive enzymes before and HOLY COW… the past two days I have gone to the bathroom SO many times!!!!!!!  I have been assured that this is normal for first time users of enzymes.  There is typically a lot that needs to be “digested” and “cleaned out” then after about a week things will get back to normal.  : /  (I hope) I have also been juicing a lot more as well. So all and all, I am positive things will begin to get better.

I have a blood test on Monday and an “IV Dump” on Wednesday…. that lasts all day… Which consists of two hours hooked up to an IV that will give me chelating agents…(all homeopathic) then collection of my urine for the next six hours.  Once that is done, they will send that off to a lab to see how much heavy metals have been released from my system with the help of the IV chelation therapy.   Then we will take those numbers and tweak my oral chelation plan.  

(Random side note: Even though I have been drinking so much water I still feel dehydrated… weird!!!) 

Anywho… I am making sure to take it easy and rest when I need it and get plenty of walks and D3!  Check out my Video’s on D3 aka… Daily Divine Dialogue!  Video 1, Video 2, Video 3.

Facebook post from May 23rd, 2012

Back home after the IV dump… They took the IV drip out of my arm at 10:25 AM… so it took only about an hour to get the whole bag…. after that there was other random things that took place… Have to “catch” my urine until 4:25 and then drop it off at the office. Yippy!!! It went really really well….. (Big sigh…) : ) Whew… I was bringing in all my “Peeps” this morning. After I drop it off, then I just have to wait for the results to come back to see how much Heavy Metals the IV pushed out of my system… then we go from there. I will continue to do the Oral Chelation until we get the results back.

[During this two month gap, I had left messages at the Doctors office where I got my IV chelation done without any of my phone being returned.  After talking to my general Dr. and a lot of digging and FINALLY getting a hold of my chelation doctors office (but not him) I was able to obtain a copy of my results! Yay!!!]

Blog post from July 24th, 2012

Recently I got a complete panel of blood work done for my Heavy Metal Poisoning, to see how everything else in my body was doing.  What I found was shocking!!!  My red blood cells – normal, white blood counts – everything…normal, normal, normal, normal…Until I got to my Iron levels!  WOW!!!

iron counts 300x225 1

Needless to say, the first thing I did was Google “How to lower iron in blood”  I came upon some great articles!!! Check them out here!

How To Lower Iron Levels With Food! By Sarah Davis

Signs & Symptoms of High Iron Levels in Women. By Pia Grant

Signs & Symptoms of Too Much Iron in Women. By Suzanne Robin

While reading these articles I could totally relate to many, if not all of the symptoms of this!  Since October of last year I have been having an increasing number of symptoms in my body, not know what is going on: 

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Mental Fog
  • Lowered Sex Drive
  • (more recently…)
  • Tingling in my fingers

Starting in November of last year I began asking questions about these random things going on: 

  • My General Dr. she said I was just aging [Really???] 
  • Then asking friends they mentioned HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy [I tried that for four months only to get PMS (which I hadn’t had in years) and periods that last 10 days!  No Thank You!]
  • Ask my Guides – Sign from the bird…(above)  Yay!!!

Once I figured out that I have Heavy Metal Poisoning from my laser tattoo removal I started Oral Chelation Therapy, see blog post here about it, I started feeling better for a little while… Then I started getting these weird flashing pains in my hands…(like crystals were in my blood)

Reading this article and now KNOWING I have high iron levels makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER about my self treatment going forward!  Yay!

So, with my Black Tea and Calcium Supplements in hand I bid you farewell for today! : ) 

To Good Health My Friends!!!

End of Previous Posts…

Needless to say, I still feel a bit overwhelmed by all this!  The Dr. I was working with for my IV Chelation has not been returning my phone calls.  The question I asked that seems to have him stumped is this:

“When will we do a baseline test of my urine to see what my everyday levels of the heavy metals in my system are, so I know when Oral or IV chelation treatment is finished.”  

That is a simple enough question right?  I think so.  The issue that I have found out about doctors that do IV chelation is that they do an IV Dump or a six – 24 hour urine test AFTER they do a session of IV chelation on the patient.  These tests WILL ALWAYS come back high, even in someone with low levels of heavy metals in their system, because the IV chelation forces or chelates the heavy metals out of their body.  When a patient goes in they see these high levels of metals in their urine, get freaked out and get sucked into paying $250 + per treatment for 15 – 20 treatments!!! Yikes!!!

The second question that my Dr. is not answering is this:

“Can I get an IV chelation treatment done immediately after a tattoo laser treatment session, so the heavy metals released from the treatment won’t get a chance to settle in my body?” 

Still, no answer from him!  Hmmm… Makes me wonder…

My advice to you…

  1. Stay away from Tattoos.
  2. If you have a tattoo – don’t get it removed.
  3. If you just can’t live with your tattoo any longer (I am with ya on this one) and you decide to get it removed – arm yourself with a healthy regiment of natural chelators.
  4. Always ask “Why” when dealing with doctors who do IV chelation.
  5. Always trust your own “knowing” when it comes to your health.

I will be sure to keep you all posted on any further developments by adding more to the bottom of this post. 

Hugs to you today!! : )