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What do you want?

What do you REALLY want?

Your desires matter.

They are real to you even though others may not support you or believe in you.

Even though you’re not quite sure HOW to get what you want, you feel a burning desire inside you to have more.

  • More freedom.
  • Deeper relationships.
  • Financial security.
  • A healthy body and mind.

How have you tried to get or have these things? 

One way that works to is to shift your mindset by journaling. 

For years I tried to journal and keep a diary, but I never felt safe to do it.

It felt “off” and disjointed.

You see, as a kid, growing up with four older sisters, nothing was private.

Fast forward to when I was 24 years old.

I was in my first marriage and began keeping a notebook with some thoughts written in it, along with some goals and ideas.

My husband found it and got upset because he didn’t like some of what I had written.

Feeling really violated & pissed, I threw it away & swore off journaling for life!

Until over the course of several months I was guided to begin journaling again in my meditations. 

NOPE! I wasn’t going to do it.

I thought about my past experiences.  How I didn’t feel SAFE to journal and write out my thoughts and feelings.

Hell, I’d even created a full class called “Journey Through Journaling” that taught alternative methods of journaling for those of us who didn’t feel safe journaling.

But then I realized that I could pick a way that felt safe for me.

A way that would make it all click.

So I began to write down my life as I wanted it to be, not as it was.

Little did I know that THAT practice was about to drastically change my life forever.

I soon discovered a few key journaling prompts that, when I used them repeatedly, would create massive shifts in my thinking and in the results I saw in my life.


I couldn’t believe it.

I went from being a five figure biz coach to a six figure one in a few short months.

  • My health drastically improved.
  • My fitness level was never better.
  • And my mindset was overhauled to a state I had only dreamed of. 
  • Relationships that were struggling were now in flow, all because of these simple journaling practices

I want to teach you what I discovered. 

Whether you love to journal or hate it.

Over the course of these 15 days I’ll walk you through these powerful prompts that will up-level every aspect of your life. 

I’ll teach you my alternative to traditional journaling and give you the same prompts I use that have allowed me to UP-LEVEL my life in every area

From Money, Wealth, Health, My Business, Relationships, Fitness, Sleep etc… You will begin to see a dramatic shift in all the areas you choose to focus on.

This 15 day journaling experience will change your life in every way possible if you say YES!

What our time together will look like: 

  • Instant Access to entire program once you enroll
  • Every day for 15 days you will get a daily journaling prompt in your inbox
  • A daily video to expand on what the daily prompt is (averages 30min – 60min)
  • Daily support from me & interaction with others in the program in our Private Facebook group
  • Clarity around what you REALLY want in life & what’s TRULY holding you back
  • Specific help around what YOU want to manifest and up-level in your life 


  • PDF Download Template of Journaling Prompts around:
    • Money & Wealth
    • Mindset
    • Receiving 
    • Relationships
    • Health & Fitness
    • Business & Client Attraction 
  • Extra Bonus Training

This 15 day journaling experience will change your life in every way possible if you say YES!
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