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This program gives you the blueprint to make your dreams a reality.

Proven System = Freedom

If you’ve struggled to create a money making business in the past… it’s NOT your fault!

That’s because most business building programs are only 6-8 weeks long, moving you through it at lightning speed…Never giving you 1:1 support OR a proven blueprint customized to YOUR business and niche!

By the time you’ve enrolled in that course, it’s too late, you’ve become one of the many in a group program designed to only work for a small select few.

You’ve left course after course feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and even more confused. Not knowing how to get clients, build your programs or even create reoccurring monthly revenue.

The Quantum Code Blueprint you’re about to see is totally different…

It’s a brand new way of building a business.

It’s all about using a proven business building blueprint while also locking into the Quantum field to create a money making business you LOVE!

The real problem most Coaches face, is they are
Throwing Spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks!

They guess at what to do, how to do it and end up feeling frustrated that nothing that they’re doing is working.

They also see what other big name coaches are doing online and model their social media and programs after them.

What you DON’T know when you’re doing this, is the strategy behind what they are doing!

Either you change what you’re doing or become a statistic of yet another business that fails within the first 3 years!

This is where the Blueprint comes in!

Successful coaches are successful because they are using a proven blueprint.

This Blueprint is only revealed to high-level, high-paying clients, with a price tag of $30,000 or more!

Today that changes!

You see, when I started my full time coaching business…

I enrolled in the big name courses, because that’s what everyone else told me to do.

But those courses weren’t tailored to my niche and moved me through them like I was just a number!

I hired a high level coach and wasn’t given any real support except for her telling me that I just needed to change my mindset and everything would fall into place!!!

My business felt hard, frustrating and I felt ripped off! Like I had wasted time and money!

So I started to do my homework…

I researched the key elements of successful businesses
(10+ years and $1 million dollars or more in yearly revenue)
and found a pattern.

>>With This Pattern I Created a Blueprint!<<

I applied this blueprint to my own business and BAM!
I tripled my income that first month!

I started sharing this blueprint with my private 1:1 clients and they started to see massive results as well!

So how does it work?

Online coaching is Billion dollar industry!

In order to take YOUR piece of that pie, it’s important to understand where these clients are coming from.

The first thing you should know is that there are over 8 billion people on social media at any given time!

Even with a market with so many coaches, it’s quite easy to find 10 clients willing to pay you $1000 a month for your services.

10 people out of 8 billion!

Let that sink in….

So why have you had such a hard time?

You see, it’s the old school and outdated ways of building an online business that are keeping you stuck where you are!

Once you gain access to my system, You simply follow the step-by-step blueprint that my clients have used to build six-figure businesses quickly.

Together we will discover your unique niche, lock that in with my proprietary Quantum Code Activation and BOOM!

Magic Happens!!



Getting Results!

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“Within a few shorts months, I’ve 7x my Income, My group coaching programs sell out each month and am reignite about my work again! Thank you Flora! I’ve worked with some Big Name Biz Coaches in the past, and left feeling confused, frustrated and out thousands of dollars. I only wish I found this program first!“

~Jessi Greenlow

“Before working with Flora my business was scattered, I lacked focus and was only making $3000 a month. After working with Flora for nine months I’ve hit six figures (averaging $22k a month) and am loving my business again.“

~Heather M.

SusanHilton 300x300 1

Within 3 days of enrolling I signed on 2 new clients and earned my investment back! Best investment I’ve ever made in my Business!”

~ Susan Hilton

“Since working with Flora my sign ups for my free gift have been the HIGHEST ever!! AND Look at how much my income has increased!

Yearly Gross Sales for this year is up +336.30% more sales than last year!”

~Kahle Bontjes

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“I took advantage of the free call with her and just from that one call I had more help on the business piece that increased my sign up within a week of making changes! Since working with her I’ve made more in the first four months of this year then I did all of last year combined! I’ve Built out my membership site and have filled my private coaching calendar!“

~Jodie Harvala

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See Results Right Away!


  • Gain Instant Access to Flora’s Exclusive online six-figure business blueprint training
  • Connect with Flora Daily on Voxer to get your Questions answered in real time
  • Meet with Flora Weekly to be sure Your Progress Continues to Elevate
  • Work with Flora to Create your Legacy Vision that will Amplify your results
  • Tap into the Divine Collective Source Energy that will help you create a life and business that supports your soul



Day 1
Behind the Scenes Welcome
Official Welcome
Day 2
Vision Board Class + Quantum Activation
Day 3
Intuition 101 – 2 Part Workshop
Day 4
10 x 10 x 10 – My Secret Breakthrough Practice
Creating Your “Vision Beyond the Vision”
Day 5
It’s Only Money Honey
Money Tracking & Planning
Business Financial Budgeting
Bonus Private Financial Coaching Session with Flora


Creating Your Lasting Legacy
Your Niche
Creating a Six-figure year Schedule
Your Million Dollar Ideas
Bonus Classes
The Fisherman & The Businessmen
Your Priorities & Planning


Creating Viral Content
How to get seen on Social Media
Historical Content – Why it’s so vital for success
Websites Down & Dirty
Bonus Class
Legal In’s & Out’s


Your Sales Funnel
Market Research & How to Create Viral Content
Creating Your List Builders
Creating Your Signature Offer
Bonus Classes
Pricing Basics & Finding Your Number
Creating Powerful Group Coaching Programs


Double Your Profits in 30 Days
From Idea to Launch in 48 Hours
Inbox Know How – Get Seen & Opened
Growing Through Testimonials
Bonus Classes
Sleep & The Entrepreneur
Fitness, Nutrition & the Entrepreneur


Creating Your Customized $10+k Month Formula
Old School Sales & Marketing
New School Sales & Marketing
Spiritual Side of Selling
Bonus Classes
Marketing & Your Clients Lifetime Value
Sales Conversations that Convert


Five Day Cash Cow Machine™ Process
How to Sell Your High Ticket Offers
Scaling from 6 to 7 Figures
Employee vs Owner Mindset
Building Your Team
Automation & Delegation
Bonus Classes
Expanding Your Impact
How to Get Media Coverage for Your Brand
Vision Board Class + Quantum Activation


From Idea to Launch in 48 Hours – ($2497) Value
Double Your Profits in 30 Days System – ($3597 Value)
Rapid Content Creation Workshop – 1 Year of Content in 1 Hour – ($997 Value)
30 Days 30 Ways Live Video Training – ($2997 Value)
“The Money Tab” – Money & Wealth Building Classes – ($1997 Value)
Creating Highly Profitable Events & Retreats – ($2997 Value)
Done for you Checklists & Templates for easy Implementation – ($3997 Value)


Weekly Zoom Calls
Unlimited Voxer/Voice Access
Financial Planning Sessions
Money Tracking Training
Weekly Metrics Reviews


The only people in the past that have gotten access to this blueprint have been my private mastermind clients paying $30,000+ a year.

They only got the blueprint and access with me and my private mentoring.

What I’m giving you Today is much more than that!

You’ll not only get the Quantum Blueprint, called the Mastermind Mafia (Valued at $30K)

Delivered in an Easy to Follow Six Module Program…as outlined above…

…But you’ll also get….

Seven Bonuses: 

  1. From Idea to Launch in 48 Hours – ($2497 Value)
  2. Double Your Profits in 30 Days System – ($3597 Value)
  3. Rapid Content Creation Workshop – 1 Year of Content in 1 Hour – ($2997 Value) 
  4. 30 Days 30 Ways Live Video Training – ($2997 Value)
  5. “The Money Tab” – Money & Wealth Building Classes – ($1997 Value)
  6. Creating Highly Profitable Events & Retreats – ($2997 Value) 
  7. Done for you Checklists & Templates for easy Implementation – ($3997 Value) 


  • Unlimited Voxer / Voice Access – ($20K Value) 
  • Weekly Private Coaching Zoom Sessions – ($2500 Value) 
  • Financial Planning Sessions – ($1997 Value) 
  • Money Tracking Training – ($2500 Value) 
  • Weekly Metrics Reviews – ($2200 Value)

Mastermind Mafia – Quantum Coding Business Building Blueprint
Total Value – $80,276!

(You WILL NOT Pay that price!!)




If you already have a business coach that has taken you under their wing and is teaching you how to build, grow and scale your business to six-figures online.

Then you don’t need this blueprint.

But, if you don’t have a coach that you are seeing clear results from, that leaves you with two other options…



You can try to figure out the steps to build, grow and scale your business to six-figures…

And hope you’ll try the right strategy long enough to see some results…

If you’re willing to put in long hours of research figuring out what steps to take, you might be able to pull it off. 



I’ll give you my proven, step-by-step blueprint. 

I’ll meet with you privately to tailor the blueprint specifically to your niche and message! 

All you need to do, is follow the blueprint, step-by-step and watch the magic happen in your business!



You see, there are two types of people in this world…

Those who only dream about achieving their goals without ever taking any action to make it happen… 

And those who are ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself. 

Most people will tell you they want to have a money making business. 

But we both know very few who actually make it happen on their own. 


The classic tale of the willful and the wishful. 

Most people will keep dreaming… 

While the few who are actually serious about their future will take action. 

Since you’ve read this entire program page so far, I think you’re one of the few special ones… 

One of the 20 people I’m looking for. 

If I’m right, and you’re still with me… 

I’m ready to send you that email with the
Subject line: Welcome to the Mastermind Mafia – Business Building Blueprint! 

Only You Can Decide!

Click the Button Below to Begin!

Frequently Asked Question's

A: The Mastermind Mafia program modules are delivered as a pre-recorded video based program. When you join you will get access to the Full Program. Upon enrolling you will also get a welcome email for the Private coaching portion, which details how to connect with me privately.

A: As outlined above, there are four core classes plus bonus classes and programs. Each core class is between 10 – 50 min in length. The accompanying homework for each class may take you between 20 min to 3 hours, depending on you. 

A: No. This is not for people that have no business or business idea. This program is for coaches who currently have a business, but may not be making the impact or income they know they can be making.

A: Here are a few of the types of businesses that the Women inside the Mastermind Mafia have: 

  • Musicians
  • Hairdresser
  • MLM’s
  • Life Coaches
  • Businesses Coaches
  • Artists 
  • Energy Workers 
  • Healers 
  • Monthly Box Subscriptions
  • Massage Therapists 
  • Writers
  • YouTubers
  • Book Reviewers 
  • Alternative Medicines
  • Many many more…
The Mastermind Mafia gives you a safe place to begin to explore the true realm of possibility in your business.

A: YES! Struggling coaches are struggling because you have missed a few vital pieces while building your business. In this program I teach you what must be in place in order to thrive. I have had coaches join this program and hit six-figures within 3 months!

A: I can guarantee my level of commitment to you and your success by supporting you at the level in which you show up. But I cannot guarantee if you will watch the classes, do the homework and implement what you are learning. That is up to you. This program is only for the woman who is ready to invest time in her business and who is willing to take action on what she is learning. You will get out of this program exactly what you put into it. Those that have shown up, given 100% and done the work, have gotten results!

Still have questions? Click here to book a session!

Flora Sage

As a Certified Spiritual Business & Mindset Expert, Master Certified Financial Coach, Six-Time Author, Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and Creator of The 1º Shift™ Method, with a BS in Business, Marketing and Management.

I have more then 2 decades of experience helping women, like you, create massive breakthroughs and lasting change in their lives and business!

Success leaves clues! What you want to do has been done before! Let me teach you how! Save time by learning what works and what doesn’t when building an online business. Have more time off with your family!  Finally make the impact and the money you know you can!

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If you’re a coach and you can’t afford your own coach THAT is why you need this program!

Let that sink in.

If you were truly aligned with your message and the lasting legacy you want to leave this world, you could afford it.

If you were truly locked into the frequency of service and giving true value, you would have a thriving business.

Focusing on lack will give you more lack, struggle and confusion.

This program helps you to lock into the Frequency of your Lasting Legacy and the Frequency of Value!


Through Quantum Coding!

What is Quantum Coding?

Quantum coding, in a nutshell, is the frequency you hold within you that allows either having or not having.

It allows ease or difficulty.

It is the energy and mindset around what you can and cannot do in your life and business.

Every element of this program is infused with the Quantum Codes of Ease, Flow, Magnetic Attraction, & Service!

When these codes are unlocked within you, you will begin to shift within the Quantum field!

When this shift occurs, you will begin to experience massive results!

When you join the Mastermind Mafia Program You’ll get access to this powerful Quantum Coding Integration Alignment Process Training. 

More Results

Untitled design 3 300x300 1

“I had been stuck for years, confused by other programs and the barrage of different information intended for the masses. I love the Step-by-step way this program is laid out. There are even check-points with Flora in case you need her personal support. It’s unheard of!

It makes building my business so simple and easy. Working with Flora is so refreshing! She is so real, raw and honest and is unlike any other coach out there!”

~Karen Carey

“I’ve never felt more confident and more secure in my business than I do now! Other business coaches I’ve worked with have been very surface level, I love how deep our coaching sessions go and how well laid out this program is. Thank You!”

~Paige Dillion

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I’ve had a Spiritual Coaching Business for a little over two years and felt I needed very specific guidance. In the short time we’ve worked together my business has really taken off to a new level.

I’ve gained more clients, gotten more clear about the value of myself, my business, and what I really need to work on. I’m currently working on; establishing my daily schedule, my price point for my services, and getting my website and photos done for my brand.

Things that I’ve been putting off for so long, I feel like I have the energy to do now.

I’ve had an awesome and incredible experience. If you haven’t worked with Flora on a 1:1 basis before, she really is the Bullshit eliminator. She cuts it down to truth and clarity. She helps you ignite parts of yourself to really understand what you need to get honest with yourself about. Getting honest about what your fears really are.  Through this work I can see that the universe is really supporting me.

If you’re struggling and need someone to work with you 1:1, this is the way to go.

~ Elaina Kelly
Mastermind Mafia Member + Voxer Option

When I joined this program I had been spinning my wheels for months trying to get my business off the ground and knew I needed guidance, structure and support.  The only hesitation I had about joining the Mastermind Mafia program was whether I’d be able and willing to put in the time and work that I knew would be required.

Since joining the program, I’ve successfully created a strong and solid foundation for my business and launched several new programs. My sales are higher and more consistent than they’ve ever been. With Flora’s coaching, I now have the structure and confidence to continue growing. I am absolutely blown away by this content.

One thing that has surprised me about this program, is truly how simple building and growing a business can be. There are so many things that I never imagined I could do (such as building a professional website with lead magnets, email captures & schedulers, offering VIP coaching programs, creating valuable video content, etc.), that I’m now doing! Flora breaks things down step by step in such an organized fashion that anyone (even myself!) can follow and execute.

My biggest ‘Ah Ha’ Moment came when I realized that my tendency to overcomplicate things was what had been holding me back. In the Mastermind Mafia, Flora is constantly sharing methods, ideas and ways of doing things that are incredibly easier, less complicated, and more effective than my own.

My biggest breakthrough since joining the Mastermind Mafia has been my newfound confidence and excitement in and for my business. Working with Flora gives me the “I can” attitude that I so desperately needed. The Mastermind Mafia has truly been a game changer for my business and I can’t wait to see how far I take it.

~ Kristine Carpenter
Mastermind Mafia Member + Voxer Option

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“I’ve worked with Flora for three years both in business and life coaching! Her Coaching and programs have changed my life. I owe my business success and thriving spiritual practice to what I’ve learned from her!”
~ Charlie Nichols

“Being a Member has gave me back the confidence to do what is needed to make my dreams a reality !”
~ Crystal McGraw

“Since working with Flora, I’ve gained clarity across all areas of my life and business!”
~ Lisa Glanzel

“I am better able to ground & center in stressful situations. I ‘ve learned great business tips & am able to space clear & manifest like a mofo!”
~ Rai Smith

“You helped me embrace my spirituality in my business. I’ve gained confidence to be the truest form of myself I can be and will continue to grow to be Thank you for that!!”
~ Heather Ryno

“Investing in this membership is definitely one of the best things I’ve done!”
~ Moody Thursday

“I love your programs! I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to try them out!”
~ Amanda Gustafson

“I Signed up at the beginning of the summer and it has changed my life. No Joke.”
~ Michelle Ryan

“I just signed up yesterday and can’t believe how much is in the membership. Awesome”
~ Angela Sambrook

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*by enrolling you are agreeing to our terms and conditions


While this program gives you the step-by-step six-figure business building program, I cannot guarantee participants will achieve those results. The testimonials on this page are the result of the program + the participants efforts combined. By participating in/reading my coaching service/website/blog/email series, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist or health care professional and my services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals. Coaching is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. I will at all times exercise my best professional efforts, skills and care. However, I cannot guarantee the outcome of coaching efforts and/or recommendations on my website/blog/email series and my comments about the outcome are expressions of opinion only. I cannot make any guarantees other than to deliver the coaching services purchased as described.