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To say that Flora is an excellent teacher is really not enough. Flora truly cares about each and every one of her students. She is knowledgeable, fun and REAL! Through Flora’s books, videos and classes I have the tools to be fearless, speak my truth and pursue my dreams. Take the time to get to know Flora and what she has to offer. There is no way you will be disappointed.

Rai Smith ~ Certified Ethical Intuitive Consultant

“Having  Flora Peterson as a teacher and a mentor has not only enhanced my spiritual journey, but she has helped me clarify my life, to see the bigger picture which is me and my happiness. I gee in confidence and found that I have my own voice, to speak my truth. It has been an honor and a blessing to be taught by M. Flora Peterson. I highly recommend her and her work to anyone that needs guidance and/or structure in their spiritual practice.”

Erick Garcia
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I was Flora’s first client way back in 1997. She was the first woman I connected with on a professional and then personal basis. Because of her positive aura and straightforward advice, I survived that crazy time in my life. She has a personality and energy that is addictive to work with! Flora was for many years the first person I talked to at the beginning of my day. Much love for her and her work!

Flora helped me find the courage within myself to follow my dreams and become the person I want to be. I started my own business and now work full time from home. I have confidence in myself and what I have to offer others.
Thank you Flora!

Taryn Wagner ~ Empowerment Coach

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Working with Flora changed my life is so many ways it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few! Most importantly, she taught me that I have the power to create any kind of life that I desire and that Spirit is always waiting to help me with this. She also taught me that life and spirituality are meant to be fun and enjoyed. Working with her also gave me the confidence to believe in myself in all aspects of my life.

Kelly Madsen ~ Certified Ethical Intuitive Consultant

Working with Flora the last Two years has been absolutely the best investment I have ever made in myself. This has been a very personal and reading experience as working with flora has helped me uncover some of my natural and hidden talents. Flora has helped lead me on a beautiful journey to self-discovery and realize my own life’s purpose and start a journey toward these goals. I cannot thank Flora enough and because of her invaluable information and guidance, I am taking detailed action and can see the positive changes. This has created more enthusiasm to forge ahead. My dreams are manifesting and that is exciting

Heather Rvno ~ Certified Spiritual Empowerment Coach

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I would like to tell you a story though in January of this year I was neglecting my path and was unsure of what to do with my life my boyfriend and I were fighting I was unemployed and had a bathsalt addiction. I was on the verge of suicide. I wanted to change my life so bad and knew that it had to change soon. I was surfing the web one night and found your videos. I watched all of them one after the other. They were the most inspirational videos I had ever seen In my life.

After hearing your story about how you and your sons moved to Africa I was speechless the story about the baby seel in the waves and the change in perspective. Your videos saved my life that’s the only way I know to say it. I have been off of the bathsalts since February, I am in college getting my bachelor of arts in psychology I have an online tarot business which could be doing better but I’m not going to complain and my boyfriend and I have never been happier.


I have taken one of your classes and I have been on a few calls. I wrote you in response to your journaling classes and how it had changed my life. You have impacted my life tremendously in ways you may never know. I connect to you…I am was adopted, I am a single mother of a child with special needs. Although I do not connect on the pagan level (I feel and I vibrate more on the metaphysical level) it does not mean you have not spoken to me and my heart. What that event told me before I viewed your video, actually before it all happened is to read and to do the research on my own as you have done. Thank you for sharing your life with us, thank you for living your authentic self, thank you for growing and sharing with others.

Jennifer McRoy

I was diagnosed with HIV, 7 years ago, at the age of 23 during my pregnancy. I was raised going to Pentecostal churches and when I got my diagnosis I turned my back on “God”. I felt like He had turned His back on me. For years, I hid from the world. I was stuck and lost, felt like I was standing at a crossroads, until I stumbled upon your videos. Your videos turned my tears into laughter, happiness and hope. I started doing some research on Wicca, Crystals, Paganism and even Christianity. Christianity mostly because even though I was raised going to Pentecostal churches. I never really understood what they were preaching. I kind of just did what they told me to do or not to do and never really questioned it. Because of YOU, I have learned to question everything, especially myself. I’ve attended a couple of your free teleconferences and each time I’m left either in tears or with a few Aha! moments. You have been an inspiration to me and thousands of others.

Maria Merced

I want you to know what an inspiration you have been to me – I have been watching your videos for over a year now, as soon as I started watching I could totally relate to you we have so much in common, and I was thinking wow she does a lot of the same things I have done instinctively for years. I recently have started doing readings for the public and charging for them when before I would do it for family and friends for no charge, and realized that it was a talent that I could make some income from at first I felt strange about it but realized I was called to do this. Your videos are so inspirational, I think it’s awful the way those people talked to you. You have every right to do what you are doing it is a business and if those people can’t see that everything you do comes from your heart they have a lot more learning to do. You help so many people you’re an angel shining bright.

James Gibbs

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the videos you are posting, I have followed you for 4 years and I love who you are, I bless you and your boys because you have helped me more then you know. YouTube has been there for me so much and I am grateful because this emotional roller coaster is horrible. God bless you! And I am praying for your straight and above all PEACE. THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Chio Villalobos

I just wanted to share some exciting news with you: I have been booked for my first spiritual workshop HERE IN TOWN! I just wanted to let you know that you really are helping me step into my power, like you say. Frankly, at times during this course I had some serious doubts as to if I could really do this work, but with your teachings, Crystal keeping me on task, work with my new client, work with Jessica, this workshop, It’s just.. Wow. I am realizing that I can do this! And I sense it really is just beginning.

Jeff Reed

From a student’s mom:

Thank you most sincerely for being You! Watching my daughter grow in the last 2 years is my own hearts desire manifested x100000000. There is nothing more, in this very moment of my own journey that I wish for my daughter than for her to Grow and Be and Love All that she is and All that she is destined to become. And she does it so well. She is a testimony to your sincere Love & Light. Keep on Shining that Beautiful Soul so others may also Become


Thank you for inviting me to be part of the VIP call today. I so enjoyed the chance to learn from each person involved. In many ways I feel you are a kindred soul. I had no idea how much we have or have had in common throughout our lives. I am going to believe that our paths will cross again in the future. Thanks so much for all you do Flora and for allowing me to participate in this experience with you.

Heidi Brank

I just wanted you to know I’ve been trying to watch and take notes from all your YouTube postings. Ever since I’ve started doing that, I have been feeling a constant sense of contentment, as if I’m being told I’m on the right path. I want to Thank You for sharing your gifts and wisdom with others.

Jo Anne

I just wanted to tell you how you have affected my life in the best possible way. Your channel helped guide me to see the witch was always in me and my preconceived notions melted away. I have had sustained happiness and peace for many months now after years of depression. Finally I have found my calling and you contributed to that.

Tricia Ross

I just watched your YouTube video and want to tell you that you inspire me – even as you possibly close the doors. I commend you for being true to who you are, for listening to Spirit, and for taking action when you notice that what is happening is not healthy for you spiritually or emotionally.

I only just recently found you and I began watching your videos and after watching about 3 or 4 decided to subscribe – the very first and only YouTube channel I am subscribed to. I watched you and I listened to you, and all I could think to myself was “Finally!” Finally I found a role model who resonated with me. Young, modern, real, positive, and family oriented. You are the ONLY example of a Pagan that resonates with me because I see so much of myself in your spirit – both inside and out.

Finding you has given me the courage and blessings to do what 20 years of independent study could not.

Erin Ludwig

I want you to know how much your videos are appreciated brighten my day. Thank you for giving a new channel where there are recent videos.


I am sure you get this all the time, but I wanted to write to say thank you. I stumbled across your YouTube videos during an “existential crisis” that I was having. Your videos are so inspiring and empowering, and they led me here to your website. I just wanted to write to help encourage you on your journey, that you ARE helping people that you may not even know about 🙂


Thank you very much to you too, Flora!!! I began to enjoy more my paganism path since I found your channel and I met you. It’s me who says thank you to you!

David Garrido Masmitja

I appreciate everything that you do! I’m grateful for what you do on YouTube, on Facebook, and (hopefully) soon I will be able to get a reading with you on some things I’m wondering about. You have truly inspired me a mother, as a woman, and especially as a Wiccan.

Alycia Luster

I believe that those of us who hang in there and stay with this path, we will find many teachers, in many ways. We are meant to find each other, and share the wealth of our knowledge, experience and faith. Thank you for being one of my teachers on my path. I am grateful to have found you on You Tube.

Rebecca Morgan

It should be me thanking you for following your dreams for giving me the courage to follow mine. Thank you so much for being bold and strong.

Ashley Lee

I hope that someday you will see exactly how much you help people! You are nothing but light!

Stephnaie Tausch

Thank you so much for your kind words, sweet thoughts, and just being there to teach me all that you can. you are one of the greatest friends any person could have (or want).

Sam Billings

I just wanted to say Thank You SO much for allowing me to live my dream! We are grateful because you share your strength, your method and your positive energy. You share your dream with us and it is really inspiring. This is your strength I think. Being so humble and eager to exchange. You’re always open to change, to new lessons… It’s your yay factor 😉 Thank you for your yays.


I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how much your video’s and just your words mean to me. I’ve been Wiccan all my life basically and because of a lot of things in my life it went dormant.I found your video’s on YouTube and you made so much sense to me and your words you spoke and the way you do things helped me to understand things I had forgotten. So thank you again! Blessed Be!!!

Virginia Blair

I just wanted to let you know how amazing your YouTube videos are! They have been such a great source of guidance to me as I pursue my pagan path. I’m in an area where spiritual teachers and pagans are hard to find. I find that your numerous videos and AWESOME teaching style works well with me. There are so many instructional pagan videos out there that are confusing, too serious or just don’t feel right for me. Your videos provide positive support and guidance to learning pagan traditions and overall spiritual wellness. I have so many of those “Ah-Ha!” moments when listening to your talks, none to mention its a relief to know there are others that agree with the way I think and feel. I hope you keep making videos and presentations because you are amazing at it! You are such a strong and interesting woman and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future!

Staci Buster

Since I had found your YouTube site you have been my inspiration in so many ways. There is so much I want to tell you and how you have helped me continue to find my yay in every aspect of my life. Just like your MMM 22 you posted recently that I was able to view today, you are part of my believing eyes even though I have never met you, (though I feel like I have know you forever as a long lost big sister). You have touched my family’s lives and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your words of wisdom and positive energy have helped me so much with so many things, and now my husband too. He too realized how your wisdom and positive outlooks have effected me as well as our family. So, THANK YOU! You are an inspiration! May the goddess and god bless you and your family!

Debbie Adams

I would like to thank you for what you given to the community on YouTube. I can’t be more thankful for what you have put out and am very blessed to have found your channel right when I started out with my practice. Your videos have helped me in so many aspects of my life and I just love how you are always so full of energy and happy in your videos.

Akako Tanaka

I am an avid watcher of your videos on YouTube. While you do not realize it, you have played a part in everything, and for this I thank you whole-heartedly. Your energy resonates with me so strongly and I feel a little boost every time I finish watching one of your videos. I look up to you a lot; for your knowledge, love, compassion, spirit, and zest for life. I sometimes tear up during your videos, from your messages, and especially when I see the way you are with your kids. I only wish I was able to have a similar relationship with my own mother. While I may not know you personally, I can say in confidence that you are truly a fantastic person, and I have the utmost respect for you. This is why I decided to write to you for guidance.

Taylor Edwards

You came my way on YouTube a couple years ago. I had an interest in Wicca and your name came up in another person’s video. I looked up your user name on YouTube and have felt inspired ever since. I admit to watching all of your videos. You have inspired me every week since I first watched your YouTube channel. In the beginning I was amazed, sometimes more than once a week, by your energy. The positive energy you emanate during your short videos is awesome, and seriously the word, “Yay!” became part of my lexicon. I believe you are an energy and force to be reckoned with.

Patrick McDonald Jr

You have a great way of expressing yourself and inspiring others which not many people have, so never let them take away your spirit. YOU are what you are and you should be proud of yourself and watching your videos is such an inspiration so keep the videos coming.

Elizabeth Paul

Your last class was the most amazing yet… We walked away from it feeling so inspired and empowered! Thank you so much for changing my life, Flora. I hope you don’t mind me saying this so bluntly, but you are one of the single greatest things that has ever happened to me, and I am so thankful for you being you!

Kimberly Sneeringer

I just wanted to personally email you to thank you for all your amazing work. Truly, I can’t even put into words how much you’ve impacted my life by learning from watching your YouTube videos, taking your online classes and now being connected to the Inner Circle. The way you live your life, sharing your knowledge and your personal path, has given me the courage to stand on my own among my family and friends who do not understand Paganism or who don’t care about spirituality. I feel fortunate to have a tool like the internet so that I can open my awareness to wonderful and inspiring people such as yourself who live life the way I want to live – honest, true and real – living in their soul’s truth! I have taken your Journey Through Journaling class and had so many Ah-Ha moments. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Flora, for sharing your gifts.

Janet Sutton

Oh my stars did you nail it today! I have the same issue with deep soul connections, as my husband says I really try too hard to have friends. I have very few that I connect with on a deep level and all of them are so spread out through the states that I don’t get to connect on that deep level that I desire. It’s amazing when we look at all of this and choose to live life!

Crystal Bates

I just wanted to say thank you for your videos and your amazing energy. I found you a few years ago, at a rough time in my life, when I was looking for some help. I found your video on space clearing and loved it. I was so inspired. I spent the rest of the day watching (and learning) from your videos. You are awesome, keep doing what you are doing, in whatever form the universe guides you to do it. You have helped so many people and have inspired so many people, including myself, to help other.


I usually can’t wait to watch your Fearless Friday videos on YouTube, but for some reason I didn’t get to watching the most recent one right away. This past weekend I was emotionally hurt very, very badly in my relationship with my boyfriend. It’s been a tough struggle processing these emotions, but you have empowered me with your teachings and given me so much strength and confidence. I happened to see a post of yours on Facebook today and I remembered I had yet to watch Friday’s video and I thought oh! There must have been a reason I’m not watching this until now (there always is!). Lo and behold, I see “Emotional Guidance Scale” and I understand why I waited. I’ve never been this hurt in my life, never been so confused and overwhelmed, but at the same time, I have never felt stronger about my ability to work through the negativity, and I have you to thank for that.

Ellen Strub

“After dealing with the left over non-closure stagnation of an old relationship I came to the brink of overendurance in letting go. Primarily, before I sought Flora’s help, I went through much thought, realization, and independant empowerment to make change shift in my life. That is the first disclaimer in achieving an energy chord cutting.

Over the course of a 2 month duration, Flora & I worked remotely together on my energy. Before I had a couple of sessions, I already felt a slight shift in my leverage. Indeed, my instincts where in the right place with knowing that she had started the prenup work in getting to know me (energy & physical warmth) by permission. Also, I knew then that my hands were put into another’s with light intention.

Over the course of the month, layers were lifted, whether my subconcious was aware of it or not. Flora & I kept an open verbal communication going in order to fulfill optimal results. It was uphill from there, as the seeker (myself) has their work cut out for them as well as the guidance of the healer. I cleaned out my closets (mental memories of the past, pain, regression of love, forgiveness, & bravery for making the call to let go).

The process in cleaning out my engrained habitual veil took a bit of time, still worth the exercise. I never fully realized the heaviness of what I allowed to loom over me until after the final cutting (cord & karmic ties) took place. A week after i had a reshift in vibrancy that I made an awareness to. I felt lighter, which was unexpected, as I didn’t realize I had the weight of the past on my head & upper chest area. A few occurances of the past revisited me a week after. Yet, this time, there was no motion of internal panic as there was in the past.

It takes the discipline of the person seeking the change & bravely confronting it in the aftermath. From there on out, as I am, free! Flora’s vigilence & mother light helped me with patience, warmth, and love. You are a spirit blanket Flora as I can turn the blanket into mine & pass on to the next! Light”


“Flora, This is awesome! Thank you! For the past 48 hours I’ve been thinking about what you said, really letting it sink in. Your reading really helped me to direct my thinking and to know what to focus on. Keep up the AMAZING!!!! work with the channel, life and everything else. All the best and many blessings to you. P.S. I look forward to working with you again.”

G. Chandler

“Hi Flora, Thank you so much for taking the time to read for me. I’ve been thinking a lot about what came up in the reading, and a lot of it isn’t a surprise, but it was really eye-opening to receive encouragement and validation from you, I really needed that. It’s so exciting! Anyway, I just wanted to take the time to sincerely thank you for all that you do and all that you are! Blessed Be.”

S. Hall

“I just wanted to say thank you!! This was very very helpful… I’ll keep you updated on what happens in the near future…”

Z. C.

“Your reading has helped me more than you know. I have followed your carefully planned and written suggestions and the goal setting has proved to be extremely helpful to me during this stressful time of too many classes and an extensive workload. I have prioritized and broken away from the addictive and energy sucking online social networks. Spending too much time on them was not serving me well. One of my joyful goals has been to spend time meditating daily and although it doesn’t happen every day, it certainly happens much more often and more often than not! J I am also spending more time getting in touch with my higher self and that is proving to be so fulfilling! Thank you so much for your insightful direction.”

S. S.

“After three readings with you over the course of the past year, I wanted to let you know that your advice and what you have said in your readings has changed my life. It has brought clarity in my work and a level of peace that I never thought I would have achieved at this stage in my life. I have referred people to you in the past that have told me you have changed their lives as well. You are so gifted at what you do! Thank You Flora!”

C. Wells

“I hired Flora to do a complete cleanse and reorganization of my entire home. I had gone through a bad divorce and felt so stuck that I really didn’t know what else to do. Being a client of hers for coaching, she suggested a home cleansing. Flora worked thoroughly and diligently to rid my home of physical and energetic clutter. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptic at first…But WOW!!! What a difference it has made. It was SO worth the investment. I now have a new job and a new man! I cannot thank Flora enough for truly changing my life.”

E. Johnson

“Flora is a such a breath of fresh air! She has been working with my entire household since she started in 1997. She has done several house packages for us, due to a few moves and job changes. She has such a gift to clear and cleanse the entire house and make it seem brand new. She is very flexible to work with and worked around the schedule of me and my husband. Her energy work is the best and have recommended her to many many people.”

P. Bierbrauer

“I just wanted to let you know how much of an amazing and positive impact you have had on my life! I’ve watched all of your vids and they’ve helped me grow spiritually so much I can’t even express it! Your so amazing and when Im having an off day and I see youve posted a new video or something I immediately feel so much better! I love all your recipes (including your oils and incenses) and your videos about the sabbats, they’re so helpful when Im trying to plan new activities to do! your always so positive and its so great to see that especially in the current times! I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate what you do here on youtube (as Im sure many more do too) and that what you do and say in your videos really make an extremely positive difference and I can say that from experience! Thanks so much for all you do for everyone and what you’ve done for me personally:) Love and Light! Blessed Be”


“Hello Flora, I just wanted you to know that I look up to you and within the YouTube community, you are one of my Elders out of a few. I love your Channel! Thank you for being you! ~ Blessed Be~


“Hello from the UK! I watched a lot of your videos around two months ago, and they? were instrumental in my decision to take a spiritual path. However, I’ve only joined youtube with an account in the last few days, and I look forward to following your videos in the future. So, I just wanted to say thank you for posting these informative, fun, engaging and brilliant videos – as I say, they have been instrumental in my decision to be more spiritual.
Thank you,


“My coven and I feel as though we have struck gold with your videos on youtube. We ourselves are also a teaching coven. We have an herbalist, kitchen witch, and a meditation guide. We have found your videos exteremly useful in our own endevours and frequent your channel on youtube. Thank you so much for helping the pagan community with your teaching and recipies, we refer to you as our pagan Martha Stewart. Blessed Be!”

Angela Manzer – A.K.A. Lady Oak – Coven Director

“The oil blend that you made me, I use it almost daily at work, whether I need it or not. IT just makes me so joyful and happy. And for those few times that I do feel too stressed or anxious it most certainly does the trick. I’ve also used it to clear my work space of negativity and to clear any negative thoughts or emotions from conversations. After spraying it replaces my space with love, light and gooood energy. Lots of Love and Energy”

S. S.

“Flora is an amazing intuitive healer! She not only located but cleared various cords that were major blocks! This aided in a HUGE break through in my life/work! She is a very compassionate, loving Lightworker. Thank you Flora!”

M. Wallace

“Flora, Flora, Flora! What can I say, your were right on with everything that you said. You saw things that I hadn’t told anyone and for that I have to say Thank You! I was skeptical forsure, but after our reading yesterday, I must say, you are the best psychic I have gone to. I will be coming back forsure!.”

B. Hart

“I LOVED my reading with you today!!! I can’t believe I waited so long to get one. I love how what you channeled was so clear and concise. I can’t wait to get another reading from you soon!!! Thanks Flora, so much! Namaste!”

L. Suton

“I have to admit I was a bit nervous talking to you at first after watching you for so long on You Tube. I was surprised how easy it was to talk to you. (Yay, as you say!) You answered SO many of my questions and concerns about things, I really do not know how to thank you. You have truly changed my life. Thank you so much!”

V. Kingman

“I’ve had two sessions with Flora thus far and have really enjoyed them. She makes you feel very comfortable and taylors the program to areas you are struggling with. It is valuable information if you’ve lost yourself in the mist of everything going on around you. ”

Shannon G

“Nothing less then awesome her reading goes to the core of what you are asking & her clear understanding & knowledge helps you shift your energy. I started seeing positive results immediately. Many thanks Flora”

J. B.

“Flora helped me with health issues, business decisions and personal choices. She gives excellent individualized recommendations for me to enhance and hone into my own intuition. Flora provides clear insight into areas of my life where i am unclear or having difficulty making the decisions. I have had several sessions with her. After each session I am gratefulI booked the appointment.”

L. B.

“Flora is incredibly intuitive. Her advise was wise and to the heart of the matter and she immediately recognized the steps I needed to take in order to do what was right for me. Although I had no specific questions in my head she was able to tell what was weighing on my mind before I even spoke. I am so glad I had a session with her and would highly recommend anyone seeking guidance go to her. ”


“Flora was able to really zone in on my current issues with the help of my guides and guided meditation. I highly recommend Flora if you need some spiritual counseling. ”

A. J.

“I really enjoyed my phone session with Flora. She immediately sensed the focus of what needed to be addressed and offered very good advise and suggestions on how I can resolve these issues in order to focus on other things. Thank you Flora!!!”

Donna Murray

“I first connected with Flora through her awesome YouTube vids. Talking with her yesterday was wonderful. I don’t instantly put trust in people’s words, yet it was like hearing a trusted friend validate that I’m basically in the right direction, just need to fine tune, gather my energies & CLEAR OUT MY SPACE! YAY! Since our session, I have felt lighter, more energized and capable of realizing my dreams. Flora is warm & caring, & has such an uplifting presence, I want to send her a big hug!”

Ginger J.

“I got a reading from the lovely Flora yesterday and it was amazing the experience was beyond anything i expected. She truly hit the nail on the head. I was in tears by the end but it was because she hit so close to home the things going on in my life. I would defiently recommend a reading!”

Tasia M.

“Flora is the best teacher. You not only get spiritual instruction, you get the benefits of her life coaching as well. If you are looking for a spiritual teacher ~ look no further!”

Kelly Madsen

“I loved my session with Flora , I was a lil’ nervours at the beginning, as i am so used to watch her videos, but it all went fine, Flora answered so many questions and did not look at the time. Flora is really inspiring, I absolutely love what she does to keep the light in everybodys live, and I will defenitely work with her again. Thank you so much.”

S. V.

“Flora was wonderful to talk to you! Honestly, I had already worked on myself to where I was healed. But, her lovely reminders & pointers of spirit-connect & separation of ego where a much needed note that she gave to me. For the most part we connected with lots of giggles & light energy. It felt great to walk away, after the call with bundles of happy energy that was reciprocated from both ends (her-to me-to her-etc.) Now that’s what community is all about! She has wonderful energy to share.”

Elisa T.

“Flora is a very gifted psychic, healer and guide. Her reading, advice and insight was right on. Besides that, Flora is very genuine to talk to… I felt like I was talking to an old friend. I highly recommend Flora and all her services. I will definitely be back. YAY!!!! ”

S. S.

“Flora is a wonderful, and caring person. Like previous posters have said, she is very insightful, and gifted. My session with her is one of the best gifts I’ve given myself. I’m following her advice & I feel so much better. Flora is such a blessing. I plan on booking more sessions with her. Yay!”

M. C.

“Flora is an absolute joy! I would highly recommend her counsel to anyone seeking an Angel for true, pure guidance. Sharing divine space with her was one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself.”

L. T.

“Like the previous reviews stated, Flora truly has a gift!! She is very in tune and insightful. Right from the start she knows exactly the problem and helps you find ways to fix it. So if you need confirmation on something in general. She is definitely the one to talk with.”

J. S.

“Flora is such a natural and gifted psychic. She is joyfully dedicated to her gift and ensuring that spirit gets the right message to you at the right time.”

Debra W.

“Flora is so tuned in and connected. Right out of the blocks she was right on. If you are looking for direction or confirmation in your life ~ look no further. She is the real deal and her infectious positive attitude is heartwarming and uplifting!”

Kelly Madsen

“Flora truly offers a unique service which for me is both an inspiration and a life changing experience! Every session I’ve had from Flora has been customised around my needs. She is passionate about her work and about making a difference to everyone she gets to work with. If you haven’t already I highly recommend a booking a session and seeing the results for yourself.”

Warren P.

“Flora is truly charmed. She is dead on with her readings and gives so much information. She is truly an inspiration and I am so glad I decided to look to her for advice. I look forward to many more sessions.”

Ahren Breton