The one thing that can change everything

When things start to feel funky, what do you do ?

Do you focus on “What’s NOT Working?

Do you find yourself spiraling down the rabbit hole of “crap that never goes your way”….


Do have a moment…. which is a healthy thing to do… then redirect to What IS working?

When things go funky, shit hits the fan or I hit a few roadblocks…

The first thing I do is to ask myself, “What am I NOT doing?”

When things are in flow, I’m usually: Getting enough sleep, eating well, drinking water, taking my supplements (all great for my mental health), I’m walking daily and not over working.

So when shit goes sideways in my life or during my day, I ask “What am I NOT doing?”

Upon some reflection, I can see where I’ve dropped the ball.

Maybe I didn’t sleep well. Or maybe I skipped my morning snack.

Maybe I went to bed late, woke up feeling tired, forgot my vitamins, and then skipped my morning walk.

All these things will contribute to having a challenging day.

When realizing WHY the day is not going well, and why it’s going that way…. I can have some grace.

Instead of having this ruin the rest of my day, I can take time to stop, regroup and start the REST of the day over.

One of the tools I’ve created, that my clients just love, is the BEST SELF LIST…

What is the “Best Self List?”

It is a list of things that make you feel “In Flow and At Your Best”

When you feel you’re most rested, what have you just done?

Most confident? Most Healthy?

Make a list noting all the things you’ve done to FEEL that way. This list, collectively is your Best Self List.

The next time your day goes in a way that doesn’t feel good, ask yourself, “What am I NOT doing?” while looking at your list.

You’ll see right away what’s going on and how to shift into having a better rest of your day. <3

Hope this serves you.
~ Flora

PS. If you want my help with this click HERE to book a free session, I’ll gladly support you in this.