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Discover Who You Are!

What your True Purpose is!

And How to Live Your Life on Your Terms!

There is so much pressure now days to “Be Yourself” and to show up as you are. Yet, everywhere we turn, we are bombarded with social media, movies and examples of what is the new normal and what we “should” be doing with our lives and our time. 

The crazy 1 – 2 hour long morning routines, fad diets, conscious parenting and pressure to Do it all! 

But deep down we just really want to know “Who the Fuck Am I?”
and how to discover what you really want to do! 

What is your true purpose in your life and how can you make that happen? 

How can you really embrace who you are in a culture that is so polarizing?

I want to invite you to join me for a 7 day experience where we will explore just who the hell you are! 😀



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Day 1

The Labels We Have
What they are & how they hold us back

Day 2

Core Beliefs 
Discover yours & how they impact you

Day 3

Fears, Skeletons & Failure
Explore the deepest parts of You
& Unlock the Cage of Fear

Day 4

Ego and Conformity
Uncover your Primal Nature
& How to Break free from old Stories

Day 5

Re-invention vs Re-discovery & Your Purpose
Kickstarting your true purpose Once & For all

Day 6

Receiving & Being with Confidence
Reawaken Your Essence & Confidence

Day 7

Your True Purpose 
Owning Who You Are Unapologetically
Embrace & Celebrate YOU!


This program is delivered via Video in our private member portal.

The trainings range from 8 to 60 minutes, depending on the day and topic!! Each day there are prompts for you to dig deeper into the topic from each daily video!


By enrolling you agree to our Terms & Conditions!


For more than 2 decades she has been helping women create massive breakthroughs and lasting change in their lives and business through The 1º Shift™ Method, and classes like these. 

Flora Sage is a seven-time author, mindset expert, certified spiritual business coach, certified master financial coach, founder of the Mastermind Mafia; a membership for women business owners & creator of The 1º Shift™ method. Her work as a Trained Shaman in the Four-Winds Society, Holistic Coach and Spiritual Mentor has allowed her to unlock pathways to clarity around ones true purpose. 

Floras books and articles on spiritual, personal and business development have been featured in The New York Times, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Times, CBS, CNBC, The Washington Post, Fox News and more.

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