Why Cord Cutting is Dangerous

What to do instead!

Cutting Energy Cords is more popular today than EVER!

It’s also one of the MOST DANGEROUS Types of Energy Work You Can Do!

Today we will look at the dangers of cutting cords and what to do instead.

So, What is a cord and why is it so bad to cut cords? 

Energy is all around us, both positive and negative. 

Everything on the planet is energetically tied together. Because we are all connected, we become impacted by both positive and negative energy.

Today we will focus mainly on negative energy, how it impacts us, how it forms energetic cords and how to do energy healing around those cords.

Negative attachments can come to us in the form of a fight with a loved one, a traumatizing event and many other ways. When these negative energies happen, they form what is called an etheric cord. Also known as: Auric cord, psychic ties or energy cord. 

These cords connecting us with the lower vibrational events can also form from from a past life, our current life and also be part of our ancient akashic record.

One of THE most Popular things to do around cords is to Cut Cords!

When working with a cord the LAST thing you want to do is Cut Them!


Cords are like roots. When you cut them they will grow back bigger than every before!

Cutting Cords can cause:

  • Low Revenue for your Business
  • Sleep issues
  • Money issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Communication issues with your team
  • Weight gain
  • Headaches
  • Body aches (at the site where the cord was cut)
  • and a whole host of BS in your life

When you become aware of energy cords and are researching articles like this, it is a clear sign that your Spirit Guides, the Law of Attraction and Archangel Michael are all guiding you to resources that will aid in your Spiritual Healing.

Permanently removing energy cords is possible through proper healing sessions and with an energy healer that truly understands the impact this work can have on your Spiritual enlightenment. 

Energy cords connecting loved ones and others in our lives, both positive and negative, serve us for a time. These energy cords allow us to learn, grow, deepen our understanding of life and to gain wisdom.

When we truly know it is the right time to do energy medicine and do an energy clearing, to clear our auric field, is when we realize these cords of attachment are negatively impacting our energy and emotions.

Untrained healers will take the quick solution and cut cords for people, only to have the client come back with the same problems they so desperately wanted to cut from their lives. 

Cords are attached to our energy field, physical body, and the luminous body (the blue print for our body).

So what should we do instead of cutting cords?

First, let me explain the anatomy of an energy cord.

As a Spirit Teacher, Psychic and Energy Healer who has been doing this work for over a decade, a cord looks like roots. Some roots are very thick, some look like bulbs, some are very fine and hair like.

Some are spirals and hooks within the body wrapping around organs and bones while others are just on the surface.

The problem, again, with cutting cords is that none of the cord below the surface of the body is removed.

So the cord Will Grow Back… because it was never fully removed!

So when is the best time to remove a cord? 

The BEST Times to Do a Cord Removal are After…

  • Creating a New Project in your Business
  • Divorce
  • Death
  • Break-up
  • After firing a team member
  • Legal endeavor that has finally come to a close
  • Vehicle Accident
  • Other type of accident
  • Fight or disagreement
  • Surgery
  • Challenging time in your life
  • Sickness
  • Etc…

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do we get energy cords? 

A: Just by living we begin to accumulate energy cords. Some are light and high vibe and others are dense and heavy. The dense heavy cords are the ones we need to get rid of! 

Q: Is it okay to remove a cord to someone close to me like my Mom or Dad? 

A: Yes it is okay to remove the dense energy cord. These cords are the things that cause us pain, discomfort and to remain in old cycles. Removing them will actually help you move on from trauma and unpleasant experiences. 

Q: Will the cords come back after I remove them? 

A: No! The cords will not come back once you remove them properly, BUT you may get new cords if you experience trauma, sickness or other low energy events. In that case, just do another cord removal. (as explained in the free gift below) 

Q: Why or when would someone do a cord removal?

A: Everything in the Universe is made up of energy and matter. When we experience life, we create energy cords that tie us, per se, to that person, place, thing or event.   When we move on from that experience, we still may have a varying degree of energy tethered to us from it. When that “Tie” or “Cord” begins to weigh us down energetically or causes some type dissonance in our life, then it’s usually time to release that cord. You will intuitively know when it’s time to do so.

Q: What tools do I need to do a cord removal?

A: You don’t need any tools; but you can have any sacred objects that you feel will aid in your personal energy work.

– – –

Right Now You Have Two Options!

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