Writing You From Vacation


How often do you take time off from your work?

I used to hustle 24/7 in my business, never taking time off or a vacation.

Part of it was because I didn’t manage my money well and the other part was not managing my time well.

(Yikes! – Embarrassing to admit but it was BAD)

After a particularly hard year I snapped. I yelled at my assistant, hung up the phone and cried for an hour.

I was TIRED, Burnt out and Broke.

I took the next two weeks off to regroup and figure out just what the hell I was trying to accomplish in my life and business.

I stopped offering 95% of what I was selling in my biz and just focused on two things! My Biz building program and my Intuition Development course.

Those were (and still are) two of the FUNNEST Programs to share with my clients.

I also set up better boundaries with my time and who had access with me. (this included raising my fees)

And Taking time off regularly. (which scared the crap out of me)

Friday’s become my “Flex Days” – I worked If I wanted, but usually I did not.

The last week of each month I took off to regroup my energy and run errands.

Do you know what happened?

I become happier, less stressed and I began making more of an impact with my clients and my bank account began increasing as well.

If you’re on the verge of burnout and work 24/7 without seeing the results you think you should be making….

Take a few days off.

Have a “Staycation” and be a tourist in your own town.

Put a “Vacation Notice” in your email and social media accounts.

Sleep late.

Read a random book.

Don’t check your phone.

Give your brain and energy time to regroup and decompress from the hustle and grind.

You’ll be excited and the amount of “Ah Ha Moments” you have when you return to your business and your clients. <3

Hope this serves you!



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