Meditation & Intuition

“How can I actually hear my intuition?”

This is another common question I get asked when folks find out I teach Intuition classes and offer Professional psychic training.

The short answer: Get Quite!

Getting quite can be difficult if you have a partner, kids, pets, and have a full life, like most people do.

With so much noise in our lives it can be challenging to hear your Intuitive voice.

Here are three simple steps to begin to activate your intuition through meditation.

Step 1: Just Notice – Become aware of your daily routine and pay attention to the pockets of chaos and times of stillness.

Step 2: Wonder – During those times of stillness and quite in your day, pose a question about something you would like clarity on.

No topic is too big or too small.

Begin your quite time by saying… “I wonder….” and fill in the blank with your question for Spirit to answer.

Step 3: Listen – While sitting in stillness listen for the answer to your question.  These answers will come in a variety of ways for each person.  It could be a knowing, a spontaneous thought, a feeling about something… but when it comes,  you’ll know it.  

It will just feel right.

The more you practice this simple technique, the more you will begin to hear your intuition.

It’s just that simple.

Yes I realize I didn’t go into a whole conversation about Meditation in the traditional sense.

I did this for a reason.  

Meditation doesn’t have to be in the form of “Om~ing it out” on a Meditation Pillow, with incense burning and ambient music playing.

Meditation can be as simple as sitting quietly and listening to your thoughts, your spirit, that deep part within yourself that is connected with source energy.

When you change up how you think about certain things, that too will help you receive more intuitive messages in your life.

I have several more blogs that explain how you can tell between the difference between Ego and Spirit HERE and Your Psychic “On” Switch HERE which will help you with this exercise. 

Want more? 

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