How Clutter Blocks Intuition: Part 2

If you missed How Clutter Blocks Intuition: Part 1 (Click HERE to check it out)
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Just as energy clutter blocks intuition so does physical clutter.


Because everything has an energy field around it and in it.

Look around your home, what do you see?

You see….

  • Gift from your favorite Aunt
  • Love note from your partner
  • A pile of unread books / magazines
  • Throw pillow with a stain on it from when your nephew was over and eating strawberries on the couch
  • Painting on the wall from a thrift store
  • Sound system you bought with your ex
  • the list goes on and on…

Each one of these things you see, holds a memory for you.

That memory is energy.

When you look at each thing notice how you feel.

Next, walk around your home and look around.  What do you see and feel?

  • Do you see any piles of clutter?
  • Do you see piles of laundry on a bed, chair or in the corner of your bedroom?
  • Towels on the bathroom floor?
  • A door that is squeaky
  • Gash in the wall from when you moved your plant stand to the other side of the room
  • Frayed rug in the entry way
  • Half dead plant by your night stand
  • Stack of DVD’s you’ve been meaning to watch
  • Horrible green color in the spare room you’ve been meaning to repaint

When you see these things and notice the thoughts and feelings that come with each thing, do you know what that’s doing to you?

It’s clogging up your ability to received and understand your intuition.


As I mentioned in Part 1, clutter (of any kind) will block your ability to receive and understand intuitive messages that come to you.

So how can you clear out this unwanted energy that is blocking your intuition? 

DeClutter Your Home and Things. 

Clutter in your home causes energetic and actually dust bunnies.

Since clutter is made up of things, which holds the energy of:

  • your experiences with it
  • unmet obligations
  • when you were thinner
  • a former friend, lover or acquaintance
  • things you’ve been “meaning to do”
  • another time in your life
  • etc… 

These associations are what keep those things left undone and hanging around. 

Clutter = clogged intuition

Here are three steps to help you 

  1. Grab a bag and do the 27 fling boogie once a day for one month (or more)! This is a concept I first learned from “The Fly Lady” (Click here to check out her book). Here how to do the “The 27 Fling Boogy”
    * Grab a bag or box
    * Walk through your home and grab one thing that you don’t love, need or use
    * Put it in the bag…
    * Repeat 26 timesBy the end you will have 27 things in the bag that you no longer want, need or use in your life.  Put the bag in your trunk to donate at a thrift store.  This is a very easy method of clearing through clutter in a simple and effective way that is not overwhelming.
  2. Step 2: Sweep, mop and dust – Chances are if you have clutter, you have dust and dust bunnies.  This is the perfect chance to shift through some energy and clear it out. Energy, just like dirt, builds up in corners and unused places in your home. When you physically vacuum, sweep mop and dust you literally shift the energy but clearing out the physical energy. Most people notice, right away, after they vacuum, sweep, dust and mop they begin to feel lighter and receive more intuitive messages.
  3. Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until you get feel like you are plugged into your Intuition on a daily basis. This can seem like a given, but many people will clear out the clutter once, clean there home as needed and then over time the dust bunnies creep back in….With the dust bunnies comes intuitive congestion. 

Recommendations from Part 1 and 2 of this blog:

  • Do R&R (from part 1) multiple times a day
  • Do steps 1 and 2 (from this blog) weekly to keep your physical space clear

Doing this will keep you clear enough to begin to recognize and be open to your intuition.

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