How Clutter Blocks Intuition: Part 1

“How can I get clear intutive messages?”

This is another common question I get asked when folks find out I teach Intuition classes and offer Professional psychic training.

It’s actually very easy to get clear intuitive, or psychic messages, but.. it NOT easy if you haven’t cleared your energy field.yogiiiiii 300x300 1 1

Let me explain why.

Everything you see is made up of energy & mater!

Nothing is solid. Things only appear to be solid because they’re moving at a slower vibrational frequency, so you’re able to see their molecules in a form. (7th grade science class 😀 You’re welcome)

Your body is also slow moving frequencies able to be viewed in the form of a person.

Because nothing is solid…. Energy co-mingles or mixes up with other things around it during the day like a mofo.

So what does this mean for you?


Let me explain it in a way that will make this crystal clear:

Pretend you and your energy field are a puzzle.

Now imagine that you go to the post office and push open the door.

Because nothing is solid and energy is everywhere, you just left some of your energy on the handle and you just took some energy from that last group of folks who also pushed open the door.


You walk into the post office and you see someone from around town and you shake hands or give them a hug… When you did this, you both exchanged energy (or puzzle pieces) with each other.

Whether you like it or not, you are constantly exchanging energy with others.

By the end of the day, you have exchanged energy with hundreds of people, virtually and in person.

So what happens to all this random energy from everyone else that we pick during the day????

This random energy is trying to find a place to fit in YOUR energy field.

So it buzzes around your space hoping to find a spot to fit. (Enter the chaotic energy most people feel on a daily basis that contributes to confusing intuitive messages).

Clutter (of any kind) will block your ability to receive and understand intuitive messages that come to you.

So how can we get rid of other people’s energy so it will stop affecting us?  

By doing this simple four-step process.

This exercise will help you clear unwanted energy from your energy field.

Thus allowing you to more easily decipher your intuition faster WITHOUT OVERWHELM, FEAR OR DOUBT!

You can do this exercise with your eyes open or closed, depending on what feels most comfortable for you.

The Four-Step Process:

Step 1:

Find your heart space (between your breasts on your breast bone) & breathe deeply. This will help to center your energy & bring about clarity in “feeling” this exercise.

Step 2:

Envision your personal energy field, an egg shaped aura around your body, as a puzzle. Visualize the “random” energy that is not yours bouncing around your energy field trying to find a spot to fit. Clearly visualize this energy. (If you are unable to visualize know that just the intention of doing this, it will work for you)

Step 3:

With clear intention say “I release all energy that’s not mine.” Envision all the energy that isn’t yours going out to the universe to neutralize. Repeat this phrase until you feel all the energy that isn’t yours is cleared from your energy field. 

Step 4:

Now with clear intention say, “I call all of my own energy back to me.” Envision all of your energy coming back to you from all over the globe, filling in those empty spaces. OR You could envision energy recharging from within like a battery. Do this until your energy feels whole. Feel the calm stillness that comes with this step.  

Take a deep breath! 

* If you are unable to visualize, that’s okay. You can sense, feel or just with intention do this exercises and it will work.  Intention is key to your success.

Side Effects and What You’ll Notice:

In all the years I have been teaching this to everyone from very small children to the very old, I hear these phrases most often:

  • “Everything is so clear now”
  • “WOW! I feel so calm”
  • “Time seems like it’s slowed down”
  • “This is so cool! I feel like everything is hyper focused”
  • “I feel so relaxed”
  • “This is so cool! That’s crazy!”

This exercise allows you to finally get to know what Your Own Energy feels like, without everyone elses BS in your space.

The more you do this exercise, the more you’ll recognize when a spontaneous thought or intuitive message comes in for you.

The more you do this exercise the more you’ll realize when other peoples “Stuff” come swooping into your space. You’ll know exactly when it comes in and How to get rid of it.

You’ll also realize how much other people’s energy has clouded your judgment, intuition and decision making abilities in the past.

Without other peoples energy in your energy field you’ll be able to make better decisions faster with more confidence.

You’ll be able to interpret the message you get from Spirit much more quickly as well.

Repeat this Exercise:

  • Before any encounter you want to have more clear thinking/decision making abilities
  • When you first wake up (especially if you sleep next to anyone, including pets, because your energies have been co-mingling all night)
  • Before you go to bed
  • After social situations
  • During and after shopping at big box stores
  • Any time you want to clear your energy field from other people’s stuff.

You know… If I only had only one chance to teach everyone in the world only One Thing… it would be this practice that I’ve just taught you.

I feel it’s SO important to take charge of, and maintain, our own energy in order to have a clear signal to your intuition.

Doing this create a life that is simple and fun! Wohoo!

Stay tuned for the second part of this blog: Physical Clutter and Intuition soon. 

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