Trusting Your “Gut” Instinct

What does it REALLY mean to “Trust your gut?” 

We’ve all had experiences where you have gotten a “feeling” or “knowing” that you need to do something or take action.  AdobeStock 108063901 300x225 1 1

These “Gut Feelings” come in many forms, such as:

  • When you’re out somewhere and you get the feeling like you should leave right away.
  • You meet someone and instantly feel like they’re up to no good.
  • When something just feels “off” about a situation.
  • Not eating the fish off the buffet. 🙂


  • When you’re guided to help someone “just because”.
  • You have the uncontrollable urge or feeling to grab an incredible opportunity NOW!
  • or when something “just feels right”. 

These are all examples of your “Gut Instinct”. 

Also known as your Intuition, sixth sense, or your natural psychic abilities. 

But do you REALLY trust your gut instincts? 

Do you really go with what you feel?

Or, do you question it and wonder if it’s just your imagination?

Being unclear about your Intuition is very common.

But it’s also something that you don’t have to live with any longer.

So, how can you really start trusting what your Gut is telling you?

Here are three simple steps to help you learn to trust your gut!

  1. Get Quite – When you get quiet you’ll be able to hear, feel, sense and know exactly how your gut feelings show up for you and what to do with that gut feeling.  Or what action to take.
  2. Pay Attention – Begin to recognize when you’re getting information or these gut feelings. When you pay attention, you’ll begin to recognize them more and more. This begins the process of really trusting what you get. 
  3. Write it down – Once you get a piece of information that you’re not quite sure about, or may not need to act on right away, write it down.  When you right it down, you’re acknowledging your intuition and your own inner knowing. 

When you’re not sure of the next action to take, once you recognize a gut feeling, it can be confusing.

But, the more you do these three steps the more you’ll begin to trust your intuitive abilities.

The more you trust them, the more you’ll use them. 

The more you use them the more easily you’ll be able to make decisions in your life.

I think we all want to make better decisions on a daily basis.

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